Summer in Chicago flew by this year and is almost over. As a hospitality company, we’re among the first to know about the latest event ideas, and we found some really creative party trends this summer. Here are some unique ways to socialize, gather, and celebrate.

Hump Day Hiatus: Is Wednesday the new Saturday? While “Hump Day” Wednesdays have always been popular for happy hours, they’ve now become a popular day for events and gatherings previously reserved for weekends. Wednesdays offer the best of both worlds – smaller crowds, less traffic, less competition for venues, but just as many activity options. Book a room at a midweek price, or catch a concert, game, or a play with better seat choices. Plus, you still have the weekend to look forward to once your mid-week party is over.

Luxury on the Lawn: For a new way to celebrate your next birthday, anniversary, or bridal/baby shower – look no further than a luxury picnic. High-end picnics have been around for years, but they exploded in popularity during the pandemic since smaller, outdoor gatherings were deemed safer ways to socialize. Top notch caterers can help you plan a complete with a five-star meal, comfy seating, a gorgeous table setting, and a rain plan!

Work Reunions: A reunion with people you see almost every day? After months or years of seeing co-workers only by screen, remote office leaders are jumping at the chance to hold in-person meetings and work retreats again. Whether offices are fully back in person, permanently remote, or hybrid, employees appreciate the opportunity to connect with co-workers face to face. Best of all, you never need to say, “you’re on mute…”.

Annual Milestones: Why wait for a 40th birthday bash when you can have a 38th? Isn’t a 26th anniversary as happy as the 25th? Of course, major milestones are still celebration worthy. But after rescheduled, postponed or canceled events became the norm, people adopted a new carpe diem approach to marking special occasions every year. It’s become less about the party itself and more about seizing the moment to be with close friends and family – without waiting for a milestone.

Backyard Tourism: In the last few years, people across the country have rediscovered how much there is to do close to home. That’s even more true in the culturally diverse and activity-rich city of Chicago. City locals are “touring” other Chicago neighborhoods, enjoying new restaurants, nightlife, shopping, arts, sports, and history, all within a 60-minute travel radius. These backyard adventures offer more flexibility and spontaneity and less travel hassle. What’s not to love?

At Emil Bach House and Lang House Chicago, we regularly welcome people for mid-week events, work retreats, non-milestone celebrations, local tourism, and more! We’re happy to help you plan your next special event and are currently booking 2023 events and lodging experiences. You can contact us here.